Idea Train

Published December 6, 2012 by submissivelove1

So m has made me a deal and I have to have something new and kinky to try with him tomorrow night… I have to have my idea by lunch tomorrow, which is around 3..  So if anyone has any great ideas, that would be helpful 😉 there are no limits in this conversation! All ideas are accepted!

5 comments on “Idea Train

  • I noticed you guys are relly n 2 orgasm denial, why not tease.yourself all day. Jst take an ntire day and tease yourself like crazy. Like, just stay makes and tease yourself over and over and then l8r have him really dominate you and beg him to torture you and fuck your ass.

  • Make a dildo made of Ice using a condom. That is fun and the sensations are crazy.

    Another good idea is to keep yourself wet for an entire day so that he can fuck you any time. Your job would be to stay aroused so that if he bent you over at any time or ordered you on top of him or finger you, you would be wet and ready.

    You would need a full day for this though, not just a night.

  • Oh, another good thing to do, pick something that maybe you don’t likeanal very much, like a hard spanking, anal, or just something you don’t like and beg him to do it. His job will be not to do it until he is convinced you really want it and your job is to beg and to do whatever you can to get it. This could last all day even and if you don’t convince him to do it before the day is over you would be punished but if you do convince him you get ice cream

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