Guest Post: M on What I Want Out of Life

Published February 15, 2013 by submissivelove1

People are different and they all expect different things out of life. We are all unique and nobody looks at life the same way. Some people want salvation, some want to live a life worth being remembered, and some others want money or physical possessions. These are all pursuits that most people would call normal, they are firmly in the box that we, as a society, label as normal, and it seems that anything outside of this box is severely misunderstood. It’s a given that some things outside the box of normalcy can be dangerous, can cause harm, and can destroy lives, but people forget that doesn’t apply to everything. It is possible to be firmly outside the box while still being healthy, happy, and immensely fulfilled.

I myself am firmly outside the box of normality. I don’t desire money, though I have a good job with the potential to move up and make more money as the years pass, and I care nothing about being remembered. All I desire in life is to be the Master of a Slave that desires nothing more from life than to be a Slave to her Master. I want to guide and watch my slave grow as I take pleasure in all that we accomplish together. I want to watch her as she struggles to submit to my desires, as prioritizes my needs over hers, knowing that in the end, she will be safe, she will be loved, and she will be owned. I want to watch as my Slave gives her all, selflessly, to please her Master, and I want to give my all to provide for us and make sure we have all of the things we could ever need.

I want a Slave that holds nothing back from me and I want her body to be firmly in my command. I want to sense immense respect in her voice when she speaks to me and know that she bound to me and to my wishes for the rest of our lives. I want my Slave to forget the word “NO,” replacing it in her vocabulary simply with a “YES” or a “YES SIR.” I want to tease her and toy with her, have my way with her, frustrate her and bring her to the edge, push her to a place she never thought she could go, or would ever want to go, and then force her to beg for me to stop. I want to see her cry and beg, whimper and moan, and then thank me for allowing her to serve.

Next month, I make one more step towards this life. Next month, I marry the love of my life, my Slave, my Slut, my amazing Fiance, and I move one step closer to this life. I know that there are going to be challenges, there always have and always will be, but this is the life I want. I never want to step back into the bubble of normality, I hope to constantly find myself further and further from it as time goes by. I have seen normality, and it’s not for me. I never want to be the guy trying to live up to the goals that society has set, I want to reach my own goals, live my own life, do my own thing, and make my won way with my salve at my side, wherever I decide to take us.

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