Guest Post: The List Part 2 with M

Published February 18, 2013 by submissivelove1

Things I wouldn’t do:

Sleep with another guy – I would never personally sleep with another guy and I wouldn’t let Britt sleep with another guy either.

Knife Play – Knife play freaks me out. Not my thing

Permanent Damage – I wouldn’t do anything that causes permanent damage

Blood Play – Not my thing. No blood in my sex..

Ass licking – I would not lick Britt’s ass or ever have her lick mine LOL

Candle wax – We tried it and it didn’t really stick. I guess it’s not really something I wouldn’t do, just not something I WANT to do.

Strap on – I have no reason to use a strap on and I wouldn’t let anyone use one on me.

Fisting – I don’t see the appeal in fisting. It’s not my thing.

Gang bang – I wouldn’t ever let another guy touch Britt, so this is definitely a NO

Enemas – Not my thing.

Permanent Orgasm Denial – This is something I would never do. I love making Britt come too much, but it is something that I require my slave to be willing to do. I feel like if my slave won’t give her orgasms up forever at my command then she isn’t really owned by me.

Ass to mouth – This is unsanitary and could cause harm. I would never do anything to cause harm to Britt.

Things I would do:

Bondage – I love tying Britt up, it’s a lot of fun sometimes.

Spanking – Spanking is one of my biggest kinks, I love giving spankings, hard spankings at that. I love to push Britt out of her comfort zone and afterwards she is usually a lot more submissive.

Oral – I love both giving and receiving oral sex. It’s my favorite.

Anal plug – Nothing sexier than using a butt plug on Britt. I would never have one used on me though.

Talking dirty – Very hot and fun.

Mutual masturbation – Pretty tame, but I love watching Britt touch herself.

Vibrators – Love using vibrators.

Sex in public – I’m not crazy about it but I’ve done it.

Rough sex – I love rough sex.

Choking – I enjoy choking Britt sometimes.

Threesomes –  We’ve already had one and it was a lot of fun. I’d love to do it again in the future.

Orgasm control and denial – This is one of my biggest kinks. There is nothing hotter to me than watching Britt struggle and try to keep herself from going crazy while I take her to the edge over and over.

Outdoor sex – I equate this with sex in public. I’ve done it, but it’s not my favorite thing.

Teasing – I love teasing Britt. This goes back to my orgasm control/denial kink.

Anal hooks – I would use one but it’s not something that really turns me on.

Face slapping – I would never smack anyone hard in the face, but a little light face smacking? Sure, I see no harm in that.

Confinement – This isn’t really my thing, but if Britt was into it, I’d do it.

Anal Sex – I’ve done it before and I enjoy it. To me, it’s one of the ultimate forms of submission.

Nipple Torture – I love it. I love nipple clamps and pinching and twisting Britt’s nipples. I love the way she struggles to let me have my way with them.

Tattoo – This is something I’ve thought about, but never seriously. I think it could be hot to mark my slave as owned in a permanent way.

Fantasy Rape – This is something I’ve never tried but I want to in the future.

Forced homosexuality – This is something I find really hot. I want to force Britt to eat another girl’s pussy, and I have in the past. It was a huge turn on.

Forced Nudity (in private) – This is something I already do.

Head of Household – In my house, all decisions are made by me. This is a requirement.

Domestic Discipline – Punishments are handed down for disrespect/breaking rules. This, and me being head of our house, is what our relationship was built on.

Sleeping with Another Girl – This is something I have done before, but I’d only do it with Britt present and involved. I would let Britt sleep with another girl but only with me being involved.

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