The List: Part 1

Published February 18, 2013 by submissivelove1

We’re getting married and we’re finally starting a life together..

M would like a list of things from me of what I would do and wouldn’t do if it were asked of me by him.  He especially just wants to know where we both are on a personal sexual level at this point in our life.

Please understand that this is not a permanent list, we’re always going to be on an ever changing path.

Things I wouldn’t do…..

Sleep with another guy – I’m almost positive I wouldn’t be asked to do this, but if I were, it wouldn’t happen.

Knife play – sucks and why would you want to do this, it’s dangerous

Blood play – just plain unsanitary and gross

Anal hooks – the plug is almost to much sometimes as it is.

Ass licking – LOL this is for you daddy 😉

Candle wax – tried it, I don’t think either of us were to fond of it.

Strap on – never Gonna happen

Fisting -neither is this

Gang bang – m wouldn’t put me in this situation

Face slapping – he likes it, I don’t

Permanent damage – I don’t even know what this is in the first place.


Ass to mouth – dirty.

Confinement – can’t stand being locked away

Things I would do ########

Fantasy rape – hot

Forced nudity – I’ve been doing it all along

Bdsm – I obviously signed up for this lifestyle..

Bondage – loathe being tied up, it’s extremely uncomfortable but I do it because it pleases m

Spanking – m likes it, makes him feel powerful. I like when it’s over, makes me feel important when I stop crying.

Oral – it is what it is, m loves doing it to me, I like seeing him find pure pleasure out of it.

Anal plug – once I get passed the pain, Im ok

Talking dirty – not my thing, i got made fun of last time I did it

Mutual masturbation – it’s hot watching m play with his hard Dick

Vibrators – nothing feels better on my pussy

Sex in public – the idea of getting caught is so hot

Rough sex – love being throw against the wall

Blow jobs – my favorite

Choking – holding my breath and being choked turns me on.

Threesomes – futuristic of course

Orgasm control and denial – not my favorite but I get to touch myself slot

Outdoor sex – not awesome, to dirty

Teasing – pretty self explanatory…

Hoh – m is Hoh, this doesn’t apply to me at all but it applies to the lifestyle and I like it. Keeps me grounded.

Domestic discipline – this is the foundation of our relationship… It has to be under the would.

This is all I can currently think of, if I need to add more later, ill be back 😉

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