Guest Post: M on our Wedding Night

Published February 19, 2013 by submissivelove1

I realize that I have been posting a lot on this blog lately, but with mine and Britt’s wedding just a month a way, i’ve had a lot of thoughts going through my head.

Like most husbands to be, i’m sure, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I want to make our wedding night as amazing as possible and I want to start things off on the right foot. I came across a blog posting recently that mentioned giving your new wife a spanking on your wedding night and I really like that idea. I can’t think of a better way to start our marriage than beginning it with a hard spanking, I think it sets the tone for the rest of the marriage.

Our wedding night is also going to be the first time Britt gets to cum in a long time. By the wedding night, she will have been denied orgasm for three entire months, and she will finally get the release that she has been craving. I’m looking forward to that moment.

I’d love to do maybe a little private ceremony on our own after the wedding too though, something that cements her submission to me for the rest of our lives. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them, and i’d also love to hear about your wedding night.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Until next time,


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