Taking the Next Step

Published September 4, 2012 by submissivelove1

Well it’s official 🙂 We’re getting married!

I don’t get to cum for the next 6 months.

The date is set for March 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm

I am so excited! I’m marrying my best friend and the love of my life.  I want nothing more than to live out my days serving him.

Things are amazing and I’m so happy.

I just wanted to let my readers know the big news.  I’ll update soon! 🙂

Guest Post: Orgasm Denied (Posted by M)

Published August 30, 2012 by submissivelove1

As anyone who has read this blog knows, I get off on orgasm denial and I find nothing hotter than teasing Britt and bringing her right to the brink of orgasm, over and over, without actually letting her cum. I just love it. Earlier this week though, Britt and I had a couple of sessions that I just can’t get out of my mind. We started out with Britt naked on my bed, I made her touch herself while I watched. We had been away from each other for a few days so we were both extremely horny anyway so it didn’t take Britt long to get wet.

After enjoying the view for a while I brought out the magic wand and went to work on Britt’s pussy. I put it right now her clit and watched as she struggled and squirmed, it was incredibly hott. It didn’t take long before she was really turned on, it was obvious she needed to cum but that wasn’t going to happen. Just before she went over the edge I moved the vibrator away. She was squirming and making the sexiest noises, I gave it a few seconds and put the vibrator right back on her clit. This went on for a while and I lost count of how many time I brought her to the edge. I remember at one point I put her on her knees with her ass in the air and her head on the mattress and I fingered her hard and fast as I used the magic wand on her clit. This probably went on close to an hour. Britt was a horny mess by the time we were done. Later that night, we repeated the whole thing again.

I was going to let Britt cum again this Sunday and keep teasing her until then, but I don’t think she is going to cumming on Sunday. I’ll let Britt fill everyone in on that, though. 😉

The Future :)

Published August 21, 2012 by submissivelove1

M and I have been making plans to get engaged, I don’t know when exactly because he isn’t supposed to tell all of his secrets, but it’s been discussed.  He has given me instructions that I have to follow from the time we get engaged until the day we marry.  He says that I can’t cum in that time at all.  I have to touch myself everyday and get close and he will proceed with it when he returns home from work.  I am very nervous about this because if I do not comply with his rules, I get punished and I have to pick my own punishment.  We all know that as a slave you can’t skimp on your own punishment.  It has to be a mature and reasonable decision made. I also will have a task every day of the week.  That will be difficult for me between work and everything else I have going on.

So as for my promises to you Daddy; This is my proposal;

I will promise to always try and be the best slave I can be and not cum because I know it pleases you.

If I do break a rule that is given to me in that very crucial time. I will give myself a reasonable punishment for you to review and approve.

All final decisions, I know; are made by you.

I respect the choices you have made for me and the rules I have been given and I want you to feel that respect in the words I write to you and in the things I say and do.  My actions and my decisions are of utmost importance to our relationship now and always.

If I break a rule, I have a few suggestions for you to review:

Spanking with the wooden spoon and/or paddle.

Making me wear the plug for reasonable or unreasonable amounts of time.

Tying me up and leaving me to think about the mistake I made.

If any of you have any suggestions, Help is always appreciated as well.

Sir, I love you and I intend on pleasing you for the rest of my life.

This is going to be a crucial and demanding challenge but one that I will complete with grace.  I will prove to you that I am worthy to be your slave up to the day of our marriage and thereafter.

The final go around…

Published July 15, 2012 by submissivelove1

Well I did it, I completed the point system 🙂 Mission accomplished.  I’m extremely proud of myself actually.  I did everything M asked for and more.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks…

The biggest and most important thing is that we finally met a girl.  She’s honest and respectful and just plain amazing.  We’ve decided not to have a relationship but we are having some fun with her 🙂 We went out on a date with her on a Monday, had a great time.  The tension ended up being so high that she was in our bed the next day 😉

I think everyone was really excited to see where it all would go.  We were all open and honest with each other from the get go.  The most important thing was that no one felt like any of us were rushing into it, we just wanted to have fun.  We had texted her for a little bit before we decided on anything but she had been the most decent girl we had met thus far and we pretty much knew from the start that she was a good fit.  🙂 We’ll call her Bri.

I was already in bed naked when she arrived at our apartment.  M went outside to meet her and show her in, and once they were both inside M made her strip down naked. She was a little nervous about getting naked at first, but it didn’t take her long to get more comfortable. M got naked as well, and then he ripped the covers off of me and forced me and Bri to spread our legs so he could get a good look, and then he brought out the toys.  Before she came over that day, M told her to stop at a sex shop and pick up a butt plug.  She had never used one and was interested; so that hyped him up good 😛 At the start, he put the nipple clamps on both of us.  She has very nice boobs 🙂 We took turns being spanked by M and while he was doing that, Bri and I took turns spanking each other.  M is an ass man, so that turned him on alot and made him really nice and hard 🙂 I couldn’t wait to suck his dick when I saw how into it he was.  I always love to see him horny and know that I have pleased him.  After our spankings, I licked her pussy and fingered her, she seemed to really enjoy that and just when I got her close, M made me stop and we continued on to something else, switching things up here and there, to keep the passions running high.  One thing I really wanted to see was him fucking her from behind.  Thinking about that really made me hot and wet.  So I watched him fuck her and when he was almost on the edge he laid down with us, Bri and I were laying at the top of the bed side by side and M was at the foot watching us with our legs spread, both of us wet and horny and ready to cum.  We all reached a point where we were close and we came together and got off.  It was really intense for the three of us to do it all at once.  That was most definitely a new experience.

We’ve made plans to do it once more and with a different plan, so it stays new and we experience something different.  That should be interesting.  Bri has made sure from the start that both of us get what we want and need.  She’s equal on who she talks to and makes sure no one gets left out. Like I said, This girl is amazing.

We are both very satisfied with the outcome.  We’re really just trying to taking it one day at a time.  It’s been a little bit of a struggle for me to share him and I’ve had to work through some things to get to my good thoughts, but I’m working on it.  I always get scared of how a positive reality can waiver so easily into a negative one if you don’t tread carefully.  Things can go wrong and people can always get hurt.  So neither of us are taking things lightly.

I’ve been trying my best to not make stories up in my head of different realities that could happen and just focus on the here and now.  I have more of a problem with that than M does.  He’s never been insecure.  I have always been shaky on things.  Not in our relationship but just in general.  I’m a very sensitive person and I tend to feel insecure in difficult or new situations.  I don’t like change and I struggle to adjust.  I’ve faced so many new experiences in this lifestyle and I’ve gotten through them.  I can with this one just the same.

Everyone has been completely understanding and wonderful though.  I am one lucky girl.

M has given me some new assignments to work on.

I tend to have problem with not doing things right when he tells me to do them.  I’m always putting it off until “I” have time.  I guess I get carried away with taking care of me and making him wait when It should be the other way around.  So I am now going to focus on working on that.  Even if it means losing sleep over it as M prefers to say.  He says that work and sleep should come second to him, so now that’s the new task at hand… that and trying to turn on my subspace when I have spankings.  We’re going to try and add more spankings throughout the week other than Mondays.  He wants to be able to do them as much as we can.

I was given a spanking the other night before the two of us went to our parents for the weekend.  It was the most intense spanking I think I’ve ever received.  There are alot of things I’ve been stressed about lately and It’s hard for me to deal with all of it right now.  Sometimes it gets out of hand and I get upset.  At this point in time Friday, M and I were going over some issues and we just couldn’t come to a common ground or seem to compromise over them.  So our release? He puts me over his knee and we fix it before we leave.  He used every implement we had that night; I didn’t feel it until after we were finished and I was laying in his arms.  I had never heard the term before, but M said that what I had experienced was called sub space.  It was almost like a blackout.  When It was over, I felt like a load of stress had been lifted up off of me.

As for today, we’re home and things are good. 🙂

The Point System 2

Published June 26, 2012 by submissivelove1

Since the point system started, I have only had one mark for being punished. I was very emotional the other day and didn’t control myself very well and so I have it coming now.  M has informed me that he feels like he needs to be more dom like at home outside of the bedroom and I asked him if there was something that he needed that he wasn’t getting from me as his slave.  A lot of times, he’s tired when he comes home from work and I don’t push having sex with him if he doesn’t feel like it.  I know he misses it, being rough and doing what he needs to do to be pleased, but i see the exhaustion in him at night some days.  He’s mentally being run down.  I wish that he could be doing what he loves but it’s hard to find jobs in radio right now.  I want so bad for him to be happy and satisfied with work and every aspect of his life. 

I feel like I make it hard on him sometimes when I give attitude or I argue, even if it’s not a real argument.  I do however fuss with him back and forth.  I should listen more the first time instead of making him feel like he isn’t doing his job the right way with me.  I have just as much of a responsibility as he does.  I am supposed to be a mature enough slave to be at his feet and waiting when he needs me, no matter what I’m doing. 

I have gotten so much better since this point system.  I’m obeying so well.  Like I said, I fuss and I need to work on that.  Overall, I love this system, I’m motivated and excited to get things done, I can’t wait to feel good for all my hard work.  🙂

The Point System

Published May 29, 2012 by submissivelove1

A few new things have been considered and are in operation since the last post I wrote.  M and I decided on a threesome and so we’re in the process of looking for a decent, classy girl to share an evening with.  🙂 That has not gone very well.  She’s hard to find, wherever she is.

I’ve handled things quite well and we’re doing things a little different this time around.  So I’m excited to see where this goes and I’m excited to be pleasing him in such a fulfilling way for him.  I have my days where my green horns spike sending me into a snippy mood but don’t we all? I’m much better this time.

I am important and he loves me and I am his.  Nothing else matters.  I am owned and that means something; I just keep telling myself that.

My collar is broken at the moment, so I’m only wearing it when I go out and some around the house. 😦


Today when M had time to kill at work he creatively thought up a point system to help me reach a reward goal 🙂 It’s kind’ve a cool concept;  He calculated it in excel and everything.  I get so many points for each task that I do without being reminded to do them, and when I don’t do them or maybe I do something wrong, I get points taken away as well.  I have two big goals right now and if I play my cards right, I get to enjoy both of them frivolously with my daddy this summer 😉

Number one is going to an amusement park that I’ve been begging for and Number two is going to DCI Finals.

Those are big for me, so hopefully this isn’t much of a challenge.

For now, It’s dinner time.  🙂


Slave Contract

Published April 25, 2012 by submissivelove1

Rules and Schedule:

Always be polite and respectful
Homework is to be done from 8 – 10 every night with the exception of Sunday nights
Laundry is to be completed on Mondays; clothes are not to be left overnight. If you do it first thing on
Monday you can get whatever you need done after you put the clothes in the dryer and they can be
picked up later that afternoon. This will decrease the stress of worrying all week about laundry.
4. My word is final.
5. No arguing. If you are confused about something or need clarification, ask, but getting upset or the raising
of your voice will result in a punishment.
6. You are to be in bed with me at 10 P.M. every night with the exception being on Sundays or on evenings
when I give you special permission.
7. If I tell you I wasn’t being serious, I wasn’t being serious. If you continue to tell me you don’t believe me,
that shows a lack of respect and you will be punished.
8. You are to wear your collar at all times. The only exceptions include while you are cooking, eating, in the
shower, or at work. All other exceptions must be cleared through me.
9. If I call you to me, you are to stop what you are doing and come immediately. If you are playing a game,
you are to pause it. If you are doing homework, finish the question you are working on if you are in the
middle of answering it, then come to me. Always let me know though.
10. If grocery shopping needs to be done, we will do it together on Friday evenings after work.
11. Your shower is to be taken prior to homework to ensure that you can make it into bed at 10:00 P.M.
12. No clothes are to be worn inside the house unless permission is given. Permission for clothes will be given
rarely and at my discretion. The only exception is when you are on your period or something else (UTI) is
going on down there. Panties may be worn then.
13. Calling off work requires my approval
14. Your job within our relationship is to rely on me. You will never be put down for relying too much on me
and in fact it is encouraged. Part of the reason I enjoy it when you cum/don’t cum is that you have to
rely on me for that release. All pleasure should be sought from me; this includes watching TV, playing
video games, masturbating, orgasming, reading, etc. If I am not home, these things, with the exception of
orgasming/masturbating, may be done at any time as long as everything that needs to be completed has
15. Any task you are given is up to you to track and complete.
16. You are to do your absolute best in all things.
17. Fighting back, arguing, or giving attitude during a punishment will result in a second, more severe
18. Just because a rule is not listed here does not mean it is not a rule. Every infraction cannot possibly be listed.
Use common sense when wondering if something not listed would earn a punishment.
19. Monday Nights are review nights. Reviews include all behavior for the past week as well as a maintenance
spanking. The severity of this spanking will depend on the behavior for the week, but all maintenance
spankings will end with two hard smacks from the belt or spoon as reminder to be good.


Why I punish you:

Why do I punish you? Put simply, punishments are there as a chance for you to make amends for your wrong
doings and are a chance for you to earn forgiveness. The most important thing about punishment is that it
is not forced nor is it undertaken when I am angry. Punishment is something that you do for forgiveness and
a sense of closure. It is something you should hate but be willing to endure to restore some kind of balance
and to make up for the infraction, whatever it may be. Whether your punishment comes in the form of a
spanking, orgasm denial, writing out an apology, etc, the punishment is not something that should be enjoyed.
It should be done willingly by you as a sign of your acceptance of your disobedience and as a way of asking for
forgiveness. After the punishment, all will be forgiven by me and we will move on. Any anger or dissent during
the punishment will warrant a second, more severe punishment.

Punishments will always be given in love and its purpose is to create a stronger bond between us. Obedience
and love are the cornerstones of this relationship and you should strive in all ways to provide both to me.

Possible Punishments:

This list is not meant as comprehensive list of punishments, just a guide as to things you may experience.


Spanking (Belt, Paddle, Cane, Spoon, etc)
Orgasm Denial
Corner Time
Forced Activity (Wearing a butt plug X hours a day, wearing nipple clamps X minutes, etc)

By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that I am the head of this house and this family. All final decisions will
be made by me. You also agree to follow these rules and my judgment to the best of your ability and you agree
that should you break a rule you will be punished accordingly. By signing this document you are pledging your
obedience, love, and complete trust.








This is a contract that M created for us. Let us know what you think. Should anything be added or changed? Any suggestions?